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The clutch is beginning to slip on my 2.2D X-Type.

Euro Car Parts confirms what we all know, in that the X-Type 2.2D DMF clutch is the same as a Mondeo 2.2D.

The Ford Microcat database lists the following FINIS numbers for a '2006 Mondeo 2.2D':

DMF 1337733

Clutch disc and cover 1325348, or 1422228 (cheaper re-manufactured)

Slave Cylinder 1251311

Can someone confirm if these FINIS numbers are correct? I friend who works for a Ford dealership has offered to get the clutch DMF components for me at a reduced cost (assuming they are less than Euro Car Parts or other Motor Factor).

I need to supply him the part numbers for him to quote, hence my request for FINIS code confirmation.

Thank you.
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