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Because this question gets asked so often, I've done a sticky for it.

2.5-litre (2544cc) 24V DuraTec engine uprated to 205PS (203bhp). Tuned cylinder heads, camshafts, intake manifolds, inlet and exhaust system 5-speed MTX gearbox, ST-24 full body styling package, Tuned sports suspension and steering, Unique 17x 7 inch alloy wheels and 215/45ZR17 tyres, Half-leather Recaro Sports seats Front and side airbags.
The package borrows purposeful styling cues from the 1998 BTCC programme and luxury equipment from the top of the Ford Mondeo range to produce an affordable and practical grand touring sports saloon designed to appeal to the driving enthusiast.

The launch of the Ford Mondeo ST-24 in 1997 has been an overwhelming success, explained Andrea Formica, Director of Marketing. Customer research has revealed a requirement for a more powerful hybrid Ford Mondeo with an even greater BTCC influence and ST-24's excellent chassis platform has allowed us to sympathetically tune it to handle even more power, he concluded.

Available in five-door hatchback or estate format, the ST200 wears the ST-24 body styling package with distinctive front and rear bumpers, side skirts, rear spoiler and unique bright grille mesh. The only difference for the ST200 is to the rear bumper design, which is remodelled for the individual exhaust tailpipes. Unique 17 x 7 inch, 14 spoke alloy wheels and ultra low profile 215/45ZR17 tyres complete the exterior changes.
Significant engine developments

The Duratec VE (SGA) engine in the ST200 is based around the same 170PS engine found in the ST-24 but is honed to develop an additional 35PS. It retains the aluminium alloy cylinder block fitted with aluminium alloy multi-valve twin-cam heads and the variable-length inlet tracts that combine high efficiency engine breathing at speed with strong low-speed torque and low emissions levels.

However, in the ST200 application, it differs largely through further advancements in engine breathing. Firstly, a new type of air cleaner assembly is fitted. The new assembly has a unique dual inlet to increase flow as well as keep the engine within the legal noise requirements. The air cleaner sits ahead of a mass-air sensor, which measures the density of air and feeds this information to the electronic engine control computer EEC-V. The air then moves further downstream to the throttle body, which is increased in size for ST200, before the higher airflow reaches the unique 'extrude honed' intake manifold assembly.

The second significant modification for Mondeo ST200 is its extrude honed¡ primary and secondary intake ports in the cylinder heads. Extrude honing is an aerospace technology that first gained favour in the automotive world amongst high-performance engine tuners. The process involves squeezing a putty-like material containing fine grit through the ports or runners that channel air. The grit polishes the surface to a high degree, allowing air to move quicker and more efficiently.

The third engine change involves the adoption of revised intake and exhaust camshafts to take advantage of the improved breathing characteristics. These camshafts are hollow to save weight and the cam lobes use a high chromium content to virtually eliminate wear under normal driving.

Finally, the fourth engine change includes a twin tailpipe, low back-pressure exhaust system. Combined, the result of these changes allow the engine to deliver significantly more power at slightly higher rpm - 205PS at 6500 rpm and 170 lbs ft torque at 5500 rpm for the ST200, compared to 170PS at 6250 rpm and 162 lb ft torque at 4250 rpm for the ST-24.

Interior equipment
The sporting flavour continues throughout the black trimmed interior of ST200 and is evident as soon as the driver takes the wheel. A perforated leather-rimmed steering wheel flanks the revised dark blue instrument cluster and 160 mph speedometer swept by white pointers.

Supportive half-leather trimmed Recaro sports seats in black with Match¡ fabric inserts are fitted at the front (with matching half-leather rear bench) and the competition theme continues with circle-check¡ carbon-look interior panels for the instrument surround, door pulls and gear knob. Contrasting stainless steel ST200 sill kick plates and ST-200 logo carpet mats complete the sports interior specification.

To ensure a high degree of luxury, the interior specification of the Mondeo ST200 includes all the appointments of the ST-24, including drivers' airbag, CFC-free air-conditioning, 5000 series RDS/EON audio with remote steering column control and six-CD autochanger, power drivers seat height adjustment, power rear windows, central locking and a comprehensive remote Ford alarm and immobiliser system.

Source: Ford Motor Company

Please note, if you fit the ST200 inlet manifold, throttle body, cams, injectors, exhaust and intake onto your normal v6 mondeo you will need a remap to get the full extra power gain (and to avoid poor mpg - the standard ford ecu's are not designed to take this amount of variance in engine modifications.

Things missed from the above article are the ST200 has a slightly lighter flywheel, bigger injectors (this will not give you a power gain if you put them on a normal v6 unless you have alot of other mods and are not really needed) and it has slightly longer gear ratios.
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