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200 seat motor help

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Well I on my 3rd set of seats now 24-ghia-200 but now have the problem of the drivers seat electrics not working. When doing the last change I notices the motored were different but what I want to know is are the 24's the same as 200's and is there a chance that the motor fro a mk3 maybe the same aa looking on eBay they look the same also should I be looking at a black or silver motor as again I have been told there is a difference. Please any help would be great.
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not sure about the mk3 seat motors, the wiring plug is different on them so you would have to chop it and splice the wires (assuming it does fit, which it may not)

you could go to local scrappies and get a motor from any mk2 seat, just make sure its the same as yours.
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