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Hi all.

Well I'm doing a charity rally for the local hospital cancer ward, and I've bought an Escort van to mod and travel to Africa in...

Crazy? Yes.
Uncomfortable? No doubt.
Fun? I hope so!!

The van is mechanically excellent.. I drove it 260 miles home a day before the MOT ended, and it's now sorn.
It had been unused for 6 months, then after putting a new battery on, she fired straight into life, and went straight on the motorway.

I arrived home, she drove beautifully... if slowly being a 1.8D.

I've ripped out the interior, I want to carpet it and change the seats for something more comfortable, I also wanted to check the floor pans for the dreaded rust.

There are a few small rust holes, which I expected, 1 tennis ball size in the drivers floor pan, drivers outter sill needs doing, and ive noticed the rear drivers arch has cracked and has some rust.

I've got a fella welding on a new sill at the weekend, and ill ask him to patch up the floorpan, thats fine, but what is my option for the arch? Its rusted in the bottom corner, and I pulled on it and it crumbled away.

Ill keep this thread as somewhat of a project update for anybody interested.

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