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2001 TDDi DMF????

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Towards the back end of last year I had to replace my alternator, I had owned the car for around 6 months with no problems. Got the alternator replaced and then within 6 weeks the starter was playing up, which eventually I had to change also.

This new starter was fine for 4 weeks then started to play up also, is this as I have read, to do with the DMF falling to pieces and jamming up everything under the bonnet?

Suggestions please?
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Definatly sounds like a DMF issue to me, had the same problem just a few weeks ago with the starter motor.
Have you replaced your DMF and if so how much am I looking at?

I have found a kit of DMF, Clutch and Concentric Slave Cylinder for £320 plus postage just need someone to fit it. Probably going to need another starter on top of that as well!
Luckily the garage managed to clean my starter out and iv'e had no probs since. I replaced my DMF with a Solid Mass Flywheel and paid £650 including new clutch too. Sounds like you got a good price there, think my labour was £250.
Ah well hopefully my starter isnt beyond repair then, which will hopefully save me some pennies. Do you or anyone else know if putting in a solid flywheel has any adverse affects on gearbox?
A quick update;

Got my DMF and clutch replaced with a full service for £580, feels like im driving a totally different car. Also Im now getting 41mpg round town compared to 23mpg before it was fixed.

Now all the problems are sorted (fingers crossed) I can get to work on my to do list!
did you go for a solid flywheel?
Nah stuck with the dual mass flywheel as I dont want to ruin the gearbox/engine with the torque Im hoping to get from it when I get it remapped.

I did consider a solid flywheel, but if it causes other more expensive problems i'd rather stick with the dual mass one instead.
Your mpg increased. I get about 27 mpg around town in my 2001 tddi. Could i have an issue with the flywheel. some time when i go to wheel spin it feels like the wheels are skipping. Is this a dmf failure. All feels ok otherwise.
Could be?

Do you hear a rattle at idle when stationary that stops when you depress the clutch?

Have you had any problems with your starter or alternator recentley?

Whats your mileage, if its 80k+ and hasn't had DMF changed then its probably going to need it soon.

Have you noticed the clutch slipping?

If you answer yes to any of the above then you could well have a DMF problem.
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