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2001 Zetec S Issues!!.....

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Hi all,

Not sure whether this is a common fault, or someones had something similar...

Ive brought a 2001 Zetec S estate, my new work horse...

The alarm keeps going off for no reason at all, very frequent too... any ideas????

Also the washers for the front and rear do not work, the pump is working, and the jets are not blocked, and the hose is not kinked or trapped????

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For the alarm, the problem will be one of the door switches not engaging properly - most likely the bonnet switch.

When you double-lock (two presses of the button) the car the indicators should flash - if they don't, something hasn't engaged.

To test if it's the bonnet, double lock the car then try to open the bonnet - the alarm should go off. If it doesn't, spray the silver pin on the top of the bonnet lock in wd40. Many people say it's best to just bridge the connector to cut the bonnet switch out of the loop, but I sorted mine without doing so.

As for the washers - maybe the filter is blocked on the pump?
The washerpump has a small gauze filter, this clogs & starves the pump of water, The pump then burns out rather quickly & fails to pump water even after cleaning the filter & the pump physically running.

New pump needed. About £12.
Thanks for your replies... ill whip the motor off tomorrow and have a look...

Do you know.. if i lock the car with the key rather than the fob does this still set the alarm?

The inds do flash twice when i double lock it...
Make sure your bonnet is shut tight- this has an alarm trigger on it.

The bonnet lock/pin is really rusty.. the pin itself is solid i had to bang it to free it off, but its still really stiff...

Is there anyway of bypassing it, or should i just chuck a new catch assy on it?

You can (apparently) disconnect the sensor and bridge it. You have to be careful to get the alarm sensor and not the crash sensor!
remove the grill the first wire's you see are crash sensor the alarm sensor wires are behind them remove the plug from the switch and bridge the wire's
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