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Hi all,

I hope you can help!

I drive a 2002 Ford Ka, and let's just say it's showing it's age!

This summer the heater went and constantly blew hot air despite dial position, I changed the Heater Control Valve and the problem was fixed. But now I suspect that the internal control panel isn't working correctly.
It works sporadically (quite often changing with the weather and whether it has rained overnight). Sometimes the heat dial works fine and the new valve can do it's job. But sometimes it only blows warm air despite dial position, I say warm air because it is no where near as 'hot' as it was with the faulty valve, making me think it isn't the replacement valve.

Also, sometimes the 0 dial position doesn't work and I can't turn off the hot air, yet other times I can adjust the flow just fine.

Does anyone agree or disagree that it is the control panel that has gone now? or are there any other parts I should be aware of?

To add to the electrical problems, the radio has stopped working (whether this helps the diagnosis I don't know), it has power but only picks up white noise.

Please bear in mind I don't have a great knowledge of electrics and how they work!

Please help!

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