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2004 rear calipers and pads

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Hi owners

just a quick one for you, i had a rear brake issue and my handbrake has gone amiss.
its a 2004 130bhp 2.0tdci
When i bought new pads, they asked me which type i needed. i was not sure, but it seems that one type of pad just has two little silver clips and a small black stud. and the other type has an extra spring somewhere. (dont know where as mine were the ones without the extra spring)
Does this make sense to anyone?
my question is, is there only one type of rear caliper, and just a slight change to pad design. or are there multiple caliper types?

after changing pads and freeing up the offside caliper (the piston took ages to wind back in)it seemed alright for about 5 miles. then handrake failed again.

When i first jacked up the car after fitting the new pads and applied full handbrake the nearside wheel still spins. the offside sticks,then it all failed again.
it looks like i need to change the offside caliper and both sides of the handbrake cables.

will any calper do? are there diferent ones does anyone have the part number?

i have been so unlucky with this car, my last mondeo was fine, year in year out, this one has a new issue every 8 weeks.

hope someone can help

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I know the estate calipers are different.

I think they changed the calipers on facelift cars but not quite sure on that.

Checked the cable itself? Can you move the handbrake lever on the caliper? Does it move freely or stick?
Yep estate models are differant to others (most obvious differance being that they wind in differant to saloon/hatch). I think you will find they changed as of Aug 2004, therefore the first calipers (Mk 3's) ranged from 10/2000 - 8/2004 and then new caliper type came in until 2007. The links below are examples only:
hi guys sorry for the thread hijack, but are the 2004-2007 rear calipers better than the 2000-2004 rear brake calipers?

As you read on here about people having problems with the older calipers, but dont know if the new ones were a redesign to make them work better,

and if the 2004-2007 rear calipers will fit the 2000-2004 earlier mondeos as replace like for like with no modification needed?

any info appreciated thanks :)
the estate calipers differ not only in their mounting, but also in the position of the handbrake mechanism

these are virtually reversed calipers as found on the hatch/saloon cars so aren't interchangeable

the pads are also different as you have a "small" and a "big" pad, although they both fit the caliper, the pad area is smaller or bigger as the name suggests

you need the bigger pads but, from what i think the general concensus is hrere, ford pads not only fit the best, but last the longest as well, aftermarket pads need "easing" of the corners to operate properly
im not talking about the estates brakes, im talking about the hatch/saloon rear calipers, are the 2004-2007 ones the same in that they will bolt onto say a 2001 car and work with no mod, if they need bigger pads then fine, but is that it, and are the 2004-2007 rear calipers alot better than the earlier calipers, in that the earlier calipers were prone for sticking on? any info appreciated thanks :)
Ford updated the design of the pads and how they fit into the caliper.
Having seen how they both work,i would say the later type 2004 onwards is the better set up.
Less chance of the pads sticking in the caliper housing.
thanks buddy, so the later calipers might be worth getting in the future if the mk3 ealier ones become a problem :)
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