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My Dad's 2005 1.6Ti-VCT Ghia has developed a problem with either the clutch or gearbox.

The story is that he went to change gear and lost all drive. There might have been a noise but he's not sure 🙄. The clutch is worn (bite point was really high before this happened).

These are the symptoms.
  • With the engine running, you can't put it in gear without depressing the clutch (as you'd expect).
  • There's a slight whine in neutral which has also been there for a long time before this happened, which disappears when you press the clutch.
  • When you press the clutch, select a gear and lift off the clutch there is a very small amount of drive. Not enough to move the car but you can feel it.
It's only just clocked over 60k miles so it would be a shame to scrap it if it's just the clutch. The guy my Dad uses for car maintenance reckons it's the gearbox, though.

I've done a search for a replacement but do all 2005 1.6 focuses use the same 5sp box or could they be different?

Any advice would be really appreciated.
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