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2005 tdci starting problem

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Can anyone help with starting problems on my 2005 tdi 130 mondeo, it has been off the road for 6 months and the battery was totally flat when i purchased it. It's turning over ok, getting fuel to the injectors, also i've eliminated faults on the camshaft and crankshaft sensors by replacing with new ones. I've tried easystart but still no luck, i cleaned out the egr valve which was heavily choked up, i then tried a blanking plate to bypass the valve, still no luck, please let me know if you can suggest anything else,
regards to you all.
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Hi Greavey,

Thanks for your reply about the immobiliser, i don't have a handbook for it but it has a red flashing light on the interior clock which i take it to be the immobiliser, the light goes out ok when the ignition key is turned on, is this correct or could it still be immobiliser armed?
Thanks again for your help.
How old is the diesel? Diesel exposed to oxygen goes "off" eventually, might even grow some algae which would be interesting..
New fuel filter would help, remembering to fill it before fitting.
Dog68, thanks for your suggestion, the filter looks pretty newish but i'll have a closer look,
new fuel filter and fresh tank of diesel is where i'd start. dont use easy start, it does more harm then good and the engine will get addicted to it.
Thanks very much for your input, much appreciated
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