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I'm sorry but I don't know where else can I post my problem
Any way

I have 2007 mercury monterey (2007 Ford freestar)
I swap the manual climate control to automatic climate
That both have same wiring diagram with same connector
Everything work except one thing
When I turn light on steering button and cluster button and traction control button are not light up
When I disconnect EATC module everything work normally again
So when I checked the wiring diagram for these buttons I found thay all take power to light up from same wire with climate control
And I think the automatic climate control take more current because it's have buttons more than the manual control
I try to update as built sata but there are no EATC on motorctaft website
I use forscan to read live data
I found that manual climate control illumination input duty cycle is 12.94%
And the Automatic climate control illumination input duty cycle is 54.90%
Is there a way to reduce this percentage?
Any one can help me?
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