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Hi all,

I'm the new owner of a 2008 2.3 petrol Auto TitX Estate, which I am generally really happy with. However, yesterday for the first time it started to hang in all gears and not shift up when it should do (that is stay in gear at high revs and not change up). If I switched it into manual mode, then it would upshift when commanded. I stopped the car, recycled the ignition and it didn't do it after that.

I see this this problem has been logged on here at least twice (with the 2.3 petrol 6-spd auto, which as I understand uses the Aisin AWF21 trans?), but the threads didn't come to any conclusion as to whether it was resolved or not? No error messages on my car though (using my basic 'Vgate scan' tool). So first of all I wanted to check the trans oil level, and most likely replace it also. Mileage is a genuine 75k by the way. Internet research doesn't show a lot for this Aisin trans in the Mk4, but seems it is used in lots of other applications and often also referred to as the TF-80SC. My questions are as follows:

1. Firstly, as I'm an old school bloke (carbs & points etc), and not used to electronic control of vehicle systems, what basic hardware/software would you recommend I aquire to enable me to plug into the car and use it to determine the auto trans oil temp, as this is mentioned in most references to this trans as important for correctly setting the oil level. I would hope also that I can later use this hardware/software to do other mods to the car (like upgrading to Bluetooth audio streaming, upgrading my NX SatNav maps, etc).

2. Has anyone on here replaced the oil on one of these Aisin boxes, and if so any tips please? Or any other things I should check to resolve the problem?

3. Finally, more for interest only, can anyone give me a full print out of the specs of this car from ETIS if I PM the reg/vin, as I seem to only be able to access the basic data?.

Many thanks in advance folks if you're able to assist?
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