I am offering for sale my 2010 Mondeo 1.8 TDCi Sport Estate as a non-running project vehicle.
(Sport is essentially a Zetec with Auto Lights and Wipers, Sat Nav and auto dipping mirror)
I bought the vehicle in May 2018 with a full service history.
Unfortunately, whoever did the cambelt serive only did the upper belt and not the lower one and I suffered a Cambelt Failure at approximately 155,000 miles in June 2019.
I subsequently rebuilt the engine, fitting new Pistons, Valves and camshaft.
Engine has also had a new turbocharger, Inlet / EGR, Catalyst, Clutch and Alernator. Most cooling hoses have been replaced. Car also benefited from a brand new radiator and expansion tank about 2 years ago and a new battery.
About 2 years ago, I repplaced all the suspension springs and shocks with lowered uprated items and also fitted braided brake hoses and slotted, pitted brake discs (and obviously new pads) and replaced the brake fluid.
I have upgraded the door mirrors to the folding items.
As you can see, I have thoroughly looked after this vehicle in my time with it. I do all my own servicing.
Front tyres are a year old.

Bad points.
Small dent on drivers side rear pillar. Just never got around to it. I've tried my best to show it in photos.
Rear drivers side reflector is damaged - caused by someone giving me a nudge from the rear. As you can see, I already have a replacement. Just not fitted it yet as was planning on sorting out the paint around the area.
I replaced the head gasket on Monday (28th Feb) to address a niggling issue that was bothering me. Car was running beautifully afterwards, though, unfortunately, the engine failed on Tuesday morning and it would appear that the issue lies with the upper timing belt - I suspect either the belt or the tensioner has failed - I haven't stripped it down, but is an educated assesment given that the camshaft is not rotating when cranking.
The engine, therefore, does not currently run and there will likely be damage to the valves, so the head will have to come off again to address the fault. May be possible to swap the head with a 2nd hand complete unit for a reasonable cost - which would involve a lot less work than grinding in new valves (as I did when I dealt with this last time)
I also have just over half a litre of paint that I will include with the car.

I had been looking to change my car and had been hoping to put it up for part ex against a replacement, though obviously, that's no longer possible. If I had wanted to sell it privately (prior to the engine failure) I'd have been hoping to get around £3,000 for it.

This has been a great car and I have put a lot of my soul into it, but I no longer have the energy or the desire to rebuild it again, so it's time to move it on.
A greate project car with lots of new parts already taken care of.
Loads of receipts.
MOT until January 2023. 2 Advisorys. Small oil leak - though I have thus far been unable to trace it and the centre section of the exhaust is beginning to show signs that it may need replacing soon. I've found they can be had new for about £50

I can only upload 10 images, but have many more if you'd like to see them.

Car will obviously need to be trailered away

Call Tony on 07999 524886