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2010 Mondeo Mk4 2.0 Titanium X

Reviewed by:
on 18-April 15

Owning Experience

Owned For: 2 months
Good Points: Excellent comfort, refinement, performance
Bad Point: I can't think of any


How It Drives:
Fuel Economy:
Overall Rating:

I have owned my 2010 Titanium X Estate now for two months, purchased used with 32K miles and FSH. This is the rarer petrol 2.0 Ecoboost engine, (203 ps) and 6 speed Powershift auto.
This is a very impressive car; I wanted something more comfortable, more refined and faster than my 2.0 petrol Focus estate, and this Mondeo delivers in spades!
I cannot believe how advanced the Ford petrol engine is; it is 2.0 litres, but it produces almost as much power and torque as my old 2.9 24V Cosworth, so any idea that the car will be slow or unexciting is completely wrong. The engine feels like a v6, with a wave of torque available from just 1750rpm, while the Powershift gearbox (no torque converter; this is a manual gearbox changed automatically) is smooth and instant. Although the car is turbo'd, there is no impression of this, so the old problem of pressing on the pedal and waiting for the turbo to spool up is just not there; the car surges instantly on demand to easily licence-threatening speeds, yet the engine note never intrudes.
Most people will tend to choose a diesel for the better fuel consumption, but I drove my Mondeo 250 miles from Sidcup in Kent to Lancashire and used slightly less than half a tank of petrol, this carrying three adults and back full of luggage. I am astonished that such a big car (larger actually than my old Scorpio estate) could be so economical, as well as good to drive.
It is as nimble and sure-footed as my Focus, too, and just a satisfying to drive, if not more so, because it is much quieter. My Focus was very noisy at motorway speeds, but this Mondeo is virtually silent on a good road so that you have to check your speed when you get onto a motorway in case you're overdoing it.
Loads of leg room, comfortable seats, quiet and fast, excellent cruising, nimble and satisfying to drive, economical yet loads of grunt; what more could you want?

If you need a big load-lugger you don't absolutely have to have a diesel; now you can have your cake and eat it...

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