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Hi All,

I hope someone could help me with the problem I have. I own Ford Galaxy 163 Duratorq 2.0 2011 Powershift TitaniumX.

Over a week ago I pressed the start engine button and the "Engine malfunction" appeared on the display.
Engine tried to start but instead was choking, reached half of the usual idle RPMs and after ~15 seconds I turned it off.

I repeated this process for 2-3 more times after which there was no more ignition (looked like no more fuel in the pipes) it was only cranking with grinding noise at every attempt.

I used my simple ODB2 scanner which showed me the following errors:

I've transported my car to the Ford Dealer/Service and they firstly diagnosed faulty ABS module (£1.2k new/£720 regenerated) but after double checking they decided it must be ECU (£1.1 new/£450 reconditioned). Ford Service sent the ECU to the company specializing in diagnostics and programming ECUs (somewhere in England). They didn't find anything wrong about my ECU but they claimed that there still might be something not right (some intermittent issue?) and reconditioning (with reprogramming) will ensure that ECU is fine - it would be another £400 on the top of diagnostics.

It was heavily raining a day before the problem occurred and I was suspecting water in ECU etc. I was even asked by Ford if the car was ever flooded (I own it for 7 years so don't know if it wasn't before).

So it is my 2nd week without car and now I have to guess what is wrong with it.
Do you think the symptoms put some light on possible root cause?

Thanks in advance.
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