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So after having a 2012 mondeo estate zetec business edition that I loved I had to get rid of it for a company car. It was about 119k miles and it sold for 3750 eventually. Now I've moved jobs and no longer get a company car so I've come back to mondeos. Although the prices now are ridiculous. To get one the same as my old one I'd be looking at 6k!! I only had 5k so something had to give and that was the estate body.
I've bought a 2014 Mondeo Titanium X Business Edition hatchback. My main criteria was that I wanted the nav screen and also the convers+ screen. I feel like they just make it a nicer, more modern place to be. These were super rare within my budget so more compromises were made.
The car needs a service and cambelt doing, there's a tiny dot of rust on the bonnet and a scratch across 2 doors but it was the car I wanted!

When we viewed the car it had a low battery and wouldn't start but it was at the back of their lot so I took it as people just playing with the screens and not actually driving it. The garage was going to put a fresh MOT on it so I had to come back the following week to collect it.

A week on, completed the paperwork and started the drive home. Less than 10 miles away from the garage it cut out on me in a cloud of smoke on the A46. Showing an engine light and the low battery sign I was stuck and it wouldn't start again.
A week and a half later the garage finally drop it off to me. Still getting the low battery sign after 400 miles of driving I called the garage who ordered me a new battery. I've just had the fun of changing it over so we will see how it goes. Fingers crossed my battery issues are behind me!
Next month I'll get it fully serviced for a bit more peace of mind and then the cambelt after that.
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