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21mpg! 2.0 Duratec

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Hey all, First off top forum!

Any-hows, i bought a 2002 2.0 Zetec last week. runs perfect just it drinks fuel like its a top fuel drag car. My mate has the diesel version hes getting high 40's. surly there ain't that much off a difference???

Ive been taking it easy, driving like a old man. 70% duel carriageway 30% town.

Its had a full service by ford up to 70,000 miles its on 90,000 now. I done a quick check of the air filter mid week, it was black! im thinking at 70,000 was its last service. Next day after work fitted new one.

Ive got Oil, Oil filter and spark plugs. I am going to give it a service tomorrow. Also i added some redex Injector cleaner today to see if that helps.

I know its a big engine but the way i'm driving iim sure i should be getting around the 35mpg mark?

Any help would be good and info on your own stats if you have the same car. So i got some "real world" stats to work to.

Im hoping the service will make a difference but Im not holding my breath haha...

Thanks in advancce. :driving:
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Mate sounds like a serious issue I get 23MPG round town and 35-38 on a long run and I have a ST220 have you reset your trip computer
my comp shows 19.5mpg but fuel dont last long thats for sure ,ive done full service,inlet manifold change ,iscv new ,map sensor ,fuel filter air filter clean,egr cleaned,still hungry as tho
this is what i cant understand. you have a lot more powerful car than me. id be happy to see 35mpg with mixed driving. im doing the service today see how it goes through the week. going the check the intake valves aswell while im under the bonnet. thanks mate.
yes i do reset the trip each time i fill up. Ive even disconnected the battery to reset the ecu.... still no change :-(
bet it will be better in the warmer weather, did a stat on my sisters car a week or so ago, drilled a very small hole in it to help with air/pressure, but now she is moaning about how much fuel its using,
buy yes check the flaps obviously if they are loose the mixture will be out.
it made no difference to mine m8 ,mines the 2.0 duratec ,its got a brand new inlet manifold,plus all the bits i listed ,no codes either its weird tbh
my usual morning commute is 2 miles thrugh town, so its cold engine low gears and about 3 miles of doing 50ish till i get to work. I get about 28 ish mpg doing just that in the week. on motorways, keeping up with traffic and not going mad it gets upto 41mpg. mines only done 15000 miles though but even at 80000 it should be pretty much the same id have said
Q. How much difference is there between your trip info MPG and your actual brim-brim MPG using this:-

i get 50mpg average over 850 miles a week (tdci 130) extra urban with the trip showing 56mpg
20's around town is about right. How many miles have you done since buying it?

You said you only got it last week, How are you working it out?

From full or empty tanks?

I have the trip comp on mine & it said i had 0 miles left, I drover 12 miles to the petrol station with no coughs or splutters.
right, ive done around 700miles since ive bought it. i wait for the light to come on the put £20 in (17.4 liters) run the car as normal then when the light comes on thats how many miles its done for the fuel ive put in simple. i was getting


first job, change the oil.. well it came out in lumps and drips... :-( not the best start... changed the oil filter no probs. allowed all oil to drain then filled with castrol gtx magnatec.

next was spark plugs... one was loose and the gaps were that big i nearly fell though them :} . They were all change for new ones.

disconnected battery to reset ecu, that went ok.

this week will be a test week im sure it will improve massively and with the redex for the injectors added i am hoping for over 30mpg easy (work and back today the fuel has hardly moved :driving: )

thanks for post so far guys... :laugh:
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