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3 niggly problems

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Hi, can anyone help me with this..

2004 Mondeo Titanium x

1. my intermittent wiper doesn't work. all other settings are fine but not the intermittent. also they wont work when I spray the wash.

2. my autolights no longer work (cant see any fuse for this?)

and 3. my heaters will only blow out from the footwell or the windscreen but not the dashboard.

For the wipers ive checked the fuse and switched the wiper rely around for another the had the same model number on but still no intermittent.

Any help appreciated :idea:
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this might sound daft but do you mean the one behind the rear view mirror?
If you look on the windscreen from the outside there SHOULD be a sensor, its a couple of inchs in size and just below where the rear view mirror is attatched to the screen. Turn you ignition on and then select auto headlights on the dashboard, go outside and place your hand over the sensor and if all is well your headlights SHOULD light up.

By the sound of it, with both the auto headlights and the auto wipers not working i would say its one of a couple things,

A) Its likely that the screen has been replaced at some point with an aftermarket screen with no sensor fitted to it, if it does not have a Ford marking in the corner it been replaced.

B) The sensor has not been connected correctly, or its given up the ghost and gone south.
Thanks for that. its dark now but ill check first thing in the morning. Thanks again :L
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