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4 wheel alignment - North East

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My front tyres are running off on the inside and it's driving me mad, as I’ve had it back to ATS twice and they can’t seem to get it right.
Can anybody recommend somewhere between Teesside and Newcastle or there abouts. I’ve read interesting things about the Hunter DSP600 and noticed Revolution in Gateshead and tyre exchange supersite in Middlesbrough both have them, has anyone experience of a) the machine and process and b) either of these 2 companies.

Thanks in advance

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Hi, Go to Revolution at Dunston, Gateshead. They specialise in performance cars and do wheels and tyres etc, also full wheel with computer print out. The check is free and any adjustment needed is between £20 and £100. The shop is well worth a look around while you wait.

Hope this helps
North east Tyres and Exhausts in Middlesbrough are worth a visit m8, had my cossie done there a couple of years ago and they did a superb job, they have a John Bean V3D 4 wheel laser alignment machine.

Barry, have you or anybody you know used them before, any feedback?
Hi, Yes I have had 2 cars done at Revolution along with other work. I also use them for tyres as they always price match and look after your wheels in the change process. You watch the work being done through a large window into their very clean workshop so you know your not getting ripped off.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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