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52 Fiesta Mk5 1.6 Zetec-S

Reviewed by:
on 21-January 14

Owning Experience

Owned For: 2 years
Good Points: Nippy, handles well, looks good
Bad Point: Rust (As always on these)


How It Drives:
Fuel Economy:
Overall Rating:

Previous to this I had a 2001 1.3 Endura and it did me. It really did until it started to give me a few issues I could not be bothered to fix. Always wanted a zs so decided now was the time to get one.

Looked at 3 or 4 some was ph1 and some was ph2 but I travelled all the way to Manchester for this one. And it was worth it. Registered in Oct 02 it was one of the very last ones. After driving 110 miles in the 1.3 to view it to get in the zs was something else. I did not want to drive back in the 1.3. But I left the deposit and got it two weeks later.

Price paid: £1350
Mileage: 93864
Year: 2002

Looks: Its an amazing looking car. I still have the old car at home and next to each other you can really tell the difference the bodykit, grille and wheels give it. The interior is much the same with the addition of better seats and more buttons to push and a long awaited rev counter.

Performance: As I said coming from a 1.3 to this is mind blowing. The speed this thing give is amazing especially from the line. It has a biggish exhaust on it well big to me so sounds great to. MPG I am getting about 34 at the moment. But that's due to me thrashing it about like a kid with a new toy. The steering is top notch to so much more responsive then the 1.3. And the gear changing is so good.

Cons: Maybe not a con and something I got used to in time but as the springs are lower and the tyres are wider I feel and hear more. But the music cancels that out.

Overall: I loved this car. I love everything about it. The only reason I no longer have it is because of the gasket problems and the family demanded a bigger car.

If anyone is thinking of buying one of these then don't jump at the first one. Be prepared to travel to get a decent one. But if you do find that perfect one dont think about getting it. Just get it. You will not be disappointed.

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