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5sp or 6sp box will it work ?

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Guys I have 2.0 TDDI and the box is playing up. Been offered a few good deals on recon boxes and not a great deal of difference between 5sp and 6sp.
My question is can I fit a 6sp box to my car ? Its a 2002 plate car ?

Thanks In Advance Mark
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Not easily or cheaply, no.

Different number of teeth on the flywheel i believe and they are not interchangeable. Also, fairly sure the 6 speed box doesnt have the speed pick up sensor it needs.

Steer clear unless you fancy a load of expensive work.
lol cheers for that info .
Im more than happy to stick to 5sp box now lol
Best forum in the world for asking questions
Unless you spend a lot of time on the motorway the 6sp box is really a waste, you can only comfortably use it over 60mph and even then I'd change down before accelerating to give the DMF an easier life. We're looking at buying another Mondeo for my wife shortly and after buying a 130bhp 6sp I'd be happy enough with a 115bhp 5sp.
cheers guys for your input Im more than happy to stick with the 5sp now
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