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A few weeks back, (remember the REALLY hot couple of days we had in July?) I was off to London in my trusty old '02' Mk3 Zetec petrol estate and put the aircon on. The air was coming out as hot as it went in! My wife took it round to Halfords who gave it a bit of a charge and then declared the compressor inop so that was that. A few days later ALL the heater controls have failed.

The heater is stuck on an intermediate hot setting and gently blows hot on the feet, no matter what is selected - cold/hot knob is ineffective, the blower fan is inop in any position and the aircon light refuses to work. There is a clicking at regular intervals from front right which I assume is the compressor struggling to work.

I've checked the fuses and all seem to be OK and I don't think I've missed any.

There was a rattling from the front and it looks as if Halfords didn't secure the pipe in the clips and omitted to refit the aircon recharging cap - annoying, but has no bearing on the fault.

Any ideas? Or is it time to trade-in?

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