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a/c not working

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have a 1999 st24
my a/c is not blowing cold air took it to Kwik fits to have it topped up and was told it was not holding pressure, is there any way I can do a pressure test on the system to find out where the leak is?
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Pound to a penny it's the condenser (small radiator down by the main rad.) :eek13:
They're notorious for it. The support bracket at the bottom is a wide V shape, and water collects in it and rots the condenser.
If it is the condenser, and you decide to buy a new one, DON'T buy the Ford one, even the dealers say they're crap! Buy 3rd party, they're cheaper and don't have the V shaped bottom support. :)
Hi mate, I got one of These off ebay £42 delivered!

Fitted it myself in approx 15 mins. (Already had the old one off though)
thank guys, I'll pop it off tomorrow and give it a pressure test. I'll needed it for July and Agust up here in scotland with these 85+ deg temp. we get up here, lol
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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