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A few Changes

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Hi all not been on here in a while since wife left me been a bit messed up in the head but im fine now and luckily she did not take my st just hers so let the mods begin

the week she left me I crashed the ST in a blind ragebend the fron lower arm track rod end, wheel, and ripped tyre of rim, and bend strut, so all in all not good well while ive been feeling sorry for myself i have rebuilt her and she is back on the road.

with a few additions

New wheels,
New Engine Bling and more on the way,
New Tyres
Machine Polish
New front wing
New Blueflame exhaust full system very nice an dnot to ott on the noise


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Nice :L
Feckin nice, I really must get the wax out the saloons have so much potential to look mean as fook with very subtle styling cues and just keeping it gleaming.

Very nice stuff indeed.
Glad to hear you're getting sorted Dave :L

I have to say, I'm not usually a fan of saloons, but I am lovin' yours :love: . Likewise I'm not generally a fan of green cars but in these photos, it looks fooking awesome! Top job there mate.
At the mo, got to be one of my fave MK2 saloons.

that does look good mate and sorry to hear about the ex i had the same happen to me last year but hey life goes on
my fav mk2 is back !!!!! :L
thanks for the comments guys and eah back on the straight and narrow etc, got her booked in for 40mm drop on gmax springs, and having center section of exhaust replaced as when i came it had to many silencers for my liking lol, need to hear that rubble on tick over and roar when u boot it lol

oh and forgot to mention fitted iphone crade rather than having it stuck to window always think it looks tacky like that
oh and other bonnet is in workshop prepped with costworth bonnet vents in it ready to get a coat or two of paint.

i will keep u all updated.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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