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ABS warning light

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Today my Mondeo failed the MOT on 2 things, one being the ABS warning light on and the other being worn front disks. I can understand the discs being worn and below the limit since the car is nearly 10 y.o but the ABS light is strange in that having the car for 4 years now not once apart from ignition has it stayed on whilst driving. I spoke to the garage who did the repairs and they cant understand it either. The guy who brought it back from the test centre said it was on after they did the MOT. So they took it for a test before they fitted the new discs and pads and it came on and went off whilst driving. After fitting the new discs/pads it stayed on. But after testing the ABS sensors they couldn't find a fault with them. So again they took it out for a test and the light went off and came on only for a short while this time. When i took my car home it stayed on after startup but went out after a minute only to come on again when i stopped at a roundabout.

So any advice???? Also is it normal for the handbrake light to light up with the ABS at the same time????

Oh funny enough dispite this ABS problem the garage did actually let me away with this problem. Strange or what!!!!! :surprised:
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Well thanks for that idea but it seems to have cleared up and like before the MOT test the ABS light only comes on at start up for a few seconds. I did notice the the brake fluid reservoir was above the max level but now the new disks and pads are bedding in its slightly gone down. But would that cause the problem??
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