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Acceptable oil consumption?

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I have a 2.0 Zetec (1998) with 170k miles on it.

It uses around a litre of oil between services (7-8k miles) but there is never any smoke from it to indicate that it's being burnt off and it runs fine.

Is this something I should worry about? It's done this since I've had it, which is over 2 years and 50k miles.
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ok shees a petrol motor and yes that is significent oil loss for a petrol motor but the milage is a little hight so there is engine wear . I would consider using a slighter heaver grade oil and here i reccoment you get advice from a proper mech of dealer becausse if you just up the oil grade willy nilly yoou can damage the turbo and you dont need this .so seek advise and try some different grade of mabey if you mech agrees some wynnes oil enhancer on your next oil change with the additional advisce of your mechanic .or friendly oil expert P.s castrol have s site to advise on oil products .just google castrol and most oil additives companys like wynnes .s.t.p..millers etc have good websites you can google and visit.of all these are just to put off the big day for a probabal enging overhaul s
A 2 litre zetec doesn't have a turbo.
As said, the zetec doesn't have a turbo. And the zetec doesn't like oil other than 5/30 so going to a heavier grade is out of the question.
ok so you guys are awake maby now you can try answer the guys problems with oil consumption or at least try or maby wait and see what someone else says on the subject and then reas the posts .
as said the guy could have retrofitted a turbo or changed out the engine for an upgrade i was simply erring on the side of in case this had been done .and as said there is no impedement to changing up a grade of oil in any model of engine if excessive wear hasoccured or ussing additives thats what they are invented and used for E..g slick .or pvc additives are used in many cases with sucess .there are users on heere who have changed out engines of practically every model or ford and not always following the engines originally desighed for that model.
For a 4 cyl engine with 170k, that oil consumption isn't too bad IMO.

PS salta - keep your knickers on :}
thegfb said:
For a 4 cyl engine with 170k, that oil consumption isn't too bad IMO.

PS salta - keep your knickers on :}
:} I agree, the oil usage ain't that bad for a fairly high miler.
That's 100ml every 1000 miles, or close to that. I'd not worry unduly - especially at those miles, so long as it drives okay and emissions are alright. :)

Salta - just repeat the following:- "Oops, I assumed this car had a turbo for some reason. Sorry! I'll quit now before digging this hole further..." ;) :}

Sound, that's reassured me. It does drive fine and the emissions are perfect on every MOT (about the only thing that is!)
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