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I've got the dreaded 'whooshing sound' when the turbo is on boost problem and i suspect a split turbo-boost/EGR hose and I need to get to the back of the engine compartment to check what's going on.

I've tried to remove the scuttle panel/bulkhead extension, but have been thwarted at every attempt. I just can't seem to locate all of the fixings and don't want to strong-arm the thing off, as I just know it'll break and cost me a small fortune to replace.

I've removed 2 x 10mm bolts on either side of the scuttle panel (see pic - 2 red circles) along with the wipers and I can't seem to see what else I need to undo to remove the panel - it doesn't seem to want to come away from the car. Does any one have any ideas please?

For information, the car is a MK3 Galaxy 2.2 TDCI. All helpl grateful received!

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