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Hi guys,

I have a 2011 Smax Titanium with active antena and SONY radio - without DAB.

I've installed aftermarket headunit and needed a powered adapter from 2x fakra to 1x ISO connector. When I was installing the adapter I first tested it and worked perfect. While connecting the 12V supply a strand was sticking out and touched the ground of 1 of fakra connectors. Ofcourse it did a little smokey smoke :) and I think I burned something electronic like, because the signal on for the radio is worse then before the smokey smoke :D.

Info on antennas other than DAB and GPS is none. All I was able to find that there are 2 types of antennas 1 is classic with the stick on the roof with a coax cable to ISO connector on radio. Second is the fancy pants one without the stick on the roof and 2 fakra connectors on radio side, where through 1 goes 12V + the other is ground and both are shielded. I am guessing since there is 12V supplied and its ''active'' there is some damn box that does some magic and radio has some super duper mega FM reception :).

Do you guys think because the very fast and not that big short I burnt the electronics? Any experience with this antennas?

!!!Do you know where the hell is this electronics located? So I can check about replacement/refurbishment? I'm hoping on some fuse or something inside that protects it from clumsy idiots like me.



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Hi Tomaz,

First, sorry for this delayed answer… i have only recently become active in the forum and mostly visit the Mondeo one.

For the 2011 S-Max, the antennas (there should be two) are printed on the rear quarter windows. They should look like three/four stripes coming down from the top of the window… very much like the rear window defroster.

There are two of them, each one connected to one of the two Fakra connectors reaching the head unit (white and black).

One of these two (seemingly the one you shorted) is connected to a signal amplifier+isolator (the active one), while the other is connected to a passive isolator.

On LHD vehicles, the active one is on the left side, and the passive is on the right side.

Accessing them in the S-Max is really easy, don't even need to remove the headliner: get into the trunk and on top of each rear quarter window you will see a small plastic cover. Remove it and you should be presented with three Phillips screws at each side. Unbolt these and remove the plastic trim they hold.

Up there you should see one small box (gray color normally, but it actually depends on which side and what type of box you have there). The box should have a Fakra connector on one side, and also you should see a spade connector type wire going downwards to the window itself (careful with this one, is a think wire soldered to the window antenna terminal and can break easily).

These are held to the car frame via a single bolt.

Now the good news: these ain't too expensive and can be easily found (depending on the exact model, that is… DAB enabled amplifiers are hard to come by, normal ones are cheap and plenty).

I even happen to have a set available, as I am trying to retrofit the DAB receiver of later models… but I am in Germany, so I don't think it will be worth the shipping costs.

Let me have a look and I will send pictures and part numbers.
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