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admerial multicar

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now that the fiance says to me that she finds the mondy too big :) we are picking up a fiesta for her.We are looking at the multicar setup, has anyone done this and how has this worked out ?
Also any other companies that do this?

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Doesn't always work out cheaper, quite often, Admiral Multicar can be beaten with individual policies and it even says this in small writing on their ads :laugh:
Has your missus got NCD in her own name?
I'd get a quote from them and then get individual quotes on each car with each of you as named drivers on the policies.
We did and found admiral was no where near the cheapest option for us.
Me and my missus are with Admiral Multi car,

we found them by far (around £130ish cheaper than the nearest quote) than anyone else.

On our policy we have,

2004 ST220
2009 Hyundai i10

both cars are covered fully comp for a smidge over £600

I guess im one of the few for who multicar works out cheaper lol!

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With the multicar policy if one person has an accident will that affect both drivers?

What happens about the no claims discount when you try and go elsewhere?

Do you get 2 lots of no claims?
just been on a the phone as mondeo reg did not come up on there database or zetec s 2.5,


anyways to insure a mondeo and escort shed just over 500notes thats a saving of 220 notes :shocked: over my 2 policies with privlege
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