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Hi all, thanks for the advice on the last post about the surround. I managed to get to the back of the fog light, but dropping the plastic panel under the bumper by undoing 3 screws.

Anyway had a look and I noticed that the bulb holder bit that attaches to the back of the fog lamp lens has melted and the bulb as melted in, though it still works. I supported it with cable ties for now.

I think I need the back bit where the bulb holder is and attaches to the actual lems part and I was wondering if this part is available seperate, part of the fog lamp unit or is it part of the part of the loom of the car. Also how much is a fog lamp from ford.

Also will I need to cut the old holder off and re-join the holder part or is it just a plug onto the loom. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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