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does anyone know what i would need to fit a turbo to an st24,i,e, turbo manifold which one will fit.any advice will be greatful.thank you
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Look at the many other threads in this section asking the same thing. You need to be brave, rich and be prepared to have the car off the road a long time to turbo the v6. This is why so few have done it.
Put a zetec in, they are much easier to turbo.
It's not a 100% runner though as it says in the advert.

[color:red]The engine runs but has a possible headgasket or exhaust manifold leak.

The exhaust is blowing slightly around the turbo and external wastegate[/color]
yeah that car was the same one paul had on here, i think his engine blew the pistons, so i dont know if the new owner got another engine in it or not, but as you say the car needs looking at as well,

its a pitty as i would do the car up and have both t/c cars at hand, hopefully it will go to a good home :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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