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Aerial On Roof

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Hi All,
Recently got a 2006 GHIA X Mondeo estate, and wanted to take it through the car wash. I had a quick gander at whether the aerial on the roof unscrewed and couldn't budge it? Is is meant to unscrew? and would it survive a roller type car wash?
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Same thing happened to my old Focus - basically water gets into the screw, corrodes the metal and fuses it to the base part.

You could try giving it a good turn with a pliers but I found out that it just destroys the rubber coating.

It'll be fine in the car wash though.
as advised , should come off, OK in car wash,? i dun no :question: , aerial & base seems a bit inflexible & tall to me to be able to cope with rollers coming back over?, but never been through a car wash with mine either with or without Ariel on!so cant say for sure & may be huw1000 has.
Hello Shockwave.

I have seen ariels ripped off in a carwash so it isn't worth risking damage to your paint.

The threads are just seized. Wrap some insulating tape around the bottom of the screw off part and grip it tightly with pliers. Pit a good layer on so the teeth on the pliers don't break the rubber and twist the ariel with your other hand and it should twist loose. put a dab of grease on the threads when putting it back on.
Car wash??????

Why not just take a wire brush to your car if you want to scratch it? Cheaper and same effect
is there not a hand car wash where you live? or get your sponge out and wash it your self
Avoid carwashes! I took a rental car through one and it left some bloody nasty scratches on the roof and bonnet- luckly they didn't notice!
ive been to a car wash called the ark. quite a few around now. they hand wash it first and then you go through a car wash. never gave it a thought taking it off but after about 4-5 its still there and working
I'd avoid car washes personally. They swirl and score your paintwork to buggery, and don't fully clean your car. Then there's the risk of the following:

It's up to you, but i'd rather jetwash it or do it myself by hand.
Thanks for all the replies guys, some good tips there... after seeing some of the damage caused by car washes, maybe I'll pop round to the local hand job place ;-)
Local hand job place you say????

Hmmm sounds interesting
[quote name= maybe I'll pop round to the local hand job place ;-)[/quote]

You want to be carefull saying things like that
hand job place where and how much lmao
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