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I've got an 02 Mondeo 130tdci. Saturday, it cost me £73 to get the injectors re calibrated after it suddenly switched into los mode after the injector sensor created an error and i had very little power. thankfully my local (but very expensive) dealership fixed it whilst i waited. I told them that i had a another really niggly problem which has buged me for a while.

The car keeps stalling! especially when the front screen is on or the car is cold it just dies! i have no idea why but wanted info before i go someone to look at it so that i have an idea that i am not being bulled up by a garage. I have read about a t switch on the solonoid and a rev increas switch on the front screen and something on the inlet manifold that needs to be cleaned. they all said they were cheap and easy to fix but i cant find any pictures of any of these procedures so that i could have a go myself. anyone got any suggestions on the possible cause of the stalls and where can i get some pickies on where these items are on the engine so that i can look at replacing them?


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