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After better MPG!

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Hi guys

As below I own a 115 TDCI and I'm after better mpg fuel out of her.

I've recently put on the rear silencer after it fell off a couple of months back and going for one of Graham's decat and a roverron box. The egr and manifold has been cleaned and is not blocked as she was running rough when I blanked the vacuum pipe off.

I always keep a check on the fuel cons which has been about 40 - 45, though I got a weird 57 on the last fill up, partly because of the Lucas injector cleaner added. :question:

I do about 40 motorway miles a weekday and an extra 100 usually over the weekend but try to drive to drive with a featherlight right foot and put the cruise control on when I can, rarely going over 75 :ph34r: .

I have read about the 60 - 70 to the gallon some of you guys with the 130s get out of your Mondys but am I only dreaming with this or is it possible that I could achieve a regular 50?

Thanks in advance guys. :thankyousign:
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Would be interesting to compare the cars where people have claimed such high mpg figures.

45mpg is about right i think. You may get better but it depends on the roads you travel on & how much traffic you sit in.

You might be on the motorway but you wont get the same mpg figures if one day your 1st at the exit & dont need to stop but the following day your 10th in the queue and the island is busy.
forget the roveron box get a full remap on a rolling road this way the software is right for your car and not just fooling it
and the price aint much diiferece if you go t
I get 40mpg around town, and got 52mpg on a long run on Sunday, well pleased with that, bearing in mind that mine is the 2.2 tdci
The best I've seen on the computer was filling up just before getting on the motorway then travelling down the M5 from junctions 3 to 5. There's a stretch of roadworks where the speed limit is 50mph but by the time I pulled off the motorway I was seeing 70.7mpg on the computer. Continuing the trip down the A38 into Worcester this dropped to about 70.1mpg.

I've just started using an iPhone app to record mileage figures so I should have a better pisture of how accurate the computer actually is and I've certainly noticed that it's easy to keep a high mpg figure with the first half of a tank but I generally loose a fair bit on the second half.
The trip isnt to be believed, its only a rough guide

i fill at the same pump twice a week, almost the same mileage (420 ish) wednesday afternoon and saturday afternoon

if i believed the trip id be seeing 55-58mpg (extra urban) but in reality im not

if i get on a motorway, 70mph/6th/1800rpm(?) and set cruise id hope to see 55-58 with an indicated 60

next step is a decat, im not sure a remap is the best idea for reliabilty of fuel sysyem and transmission parts
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Thanks for the advice Guys

I MAY look at the remap but I am based in Scotland and Leics is a good 3 hours away.

Been on the MPG Calc site and found that my MPG is currently 64.5!

So either my odometer's wrong and/or my fuel comp because I am getting 40 on the comp and 250 miles on the odometer from 17 litres of fuel.

Confused now. :confused:
is that brim-brim with a proper fill?

250 miles is a bit short for any proper check, 5 tank fills will tell you a truer average figure

if you only got 2 extra ltrs in (i.e. 19ltrs/250 miles) it changes the figure to a believeable 59mpg

still damn good for a big car tho

keep records over 5000 miles to be sure tho
If you've got an iPhone there's a free app for recording mileage which is pretty good. I've got a spreadsheet somewhere that I designed for mileage record keeping, just fill up to the brim at every fillup and record the mileage to date and it keeps a track of mpg each tank, mpg to date and gives nice graphs. It can be useful to show patterns, generally worse mpg winter, better in summer but also draws attention if there's an unexpected change.
Just thought I'd give you an update

Done a few calcs of my own and found that:

1. you're right tdci130 in that 250 miles are too short a distance to put an accurate figure on mpg.

2. I have been keeping records on my last 3 fill ups (1100 miles) and, despite the innaccuracies of my odometer, am reaching 50mpg (double-checked on the MPG calc). What will throw my figures out will be the Injector cleaner I've started putting in as, at the moment consumption IS getting better. I'll put more in regularly and once that settles down, I'll get a more accurate figure that the previous rubbish 36 - 40 before the cleaner.

3. Stepchild - you may well be right that the roverron boxes may not be the best way to tune the car, however a few of the posters on here feel that these boxes do increase their car's power, torque and fuel cons without affecting the car adversely. Personally am defo getting a decat and am still considering a remap if the budget stretches and I find a decent tuners up here (Suggestions for Glasgow anyone?). I know there is plenty of cr*p on ebay to steer well clear of and IMHO the box vs decat has always been one of the great arguments when modding cars generally.

Finally, the car has done 120k so I am lucky in the fact that, bar the major work already done (below) the engine seems to be in good condition.
Obviously I don't want to wreck that with the mods I am looking at.

Apologies for the novel.

Comments anyone?
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todays fill 420 miles 36.58ltrs (it had STP additive in) = 52mpg

filled with asda (eurgh) and added Redex this time
Nice one tdci

Currently looking at 268 miles on 17.70 litres. Comes out about 68mpg but over 1103 miles is a more realistic 50.52 mpg. Only filling at Shell or BP now.

Glad to see it's still rising as the injector cleaner is doing its job.
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