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After new vehicle

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Its time for a new car, my previous one was an 02 TDDI estate, I had it 4 years and the only thing I had to do to it was a new DMF, it was £300 in bits and not that hard to do, so not too bad on the whole.

So I was thinking of getting a later model hatchback, at least a 55 reg, ideally a 130 TDCI, however I'm a bit suspect of the injectors etc. A DMF failure I could cope with but those injectors look pricey, am I going after the right car or buying a potential wallet drainer.

Just to add, it would probably be a highish mileage variant, they all seem to be at that age.
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From the things I've read on here it really seems look of the draw. Some ppls last 150k, where as others go at 20k.

I suppose good service history is a must and also a bonus would be if they have been replaced. I know a lot of members on here use additives which obviously keeps the injectors as healthy as can be, but again I think its down to luck.

I must say I have the 130 TDCI and although sometimes it does my head in with different little niggles it is by far the most economical, best drive and best looking car I've had, and to say I'm quite young I have a few cars.

I suppose with any car there is faults, but if there well maintained you shouldn't have much trouble.

Not usre if you know but there is a very good buying guide at the top of he diesel section forum which is worth a read.

I've done 20k+ in mine and only real issues I've had with it was the aux drive belt tensioner and also the flashing coil, but that was down to a cheapo fuel filter. Other than that it pulls like a train and gives a good 55mpg rural and town driving. All I do is use diesel additive and regular oil and filter changes.

HTH, happpy huntig
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