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air bag light

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hi there anyone out there that can help with a problem my air bag light has come on whilst driving and stayed on until i have switched off the car and when restarted the light is off.

does this mean that the air bag can activate whilst driving?

i have a 97 2,0 estate ghia

thanks michael
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Very unlikely. It indicates there may be a fault that will prevent it activating when crashing.
thats ok then

i have looked at the fault code page but my light just stays on it dosent flash

This is a common fault on Mondeo`s, and its usually cause by the yellow plug/sockets under either one/both front seats having a bad connection, this happened to me when I first bought my Mondeo, it turned out to my own fault caused by some over enthusiastic vacuuming under the front seats, hope this helps mate :)
That usually causes it to flash four times, not solid. A solid air bag might be a symptom of faulty voltage regulation from the alternator.
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