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Air in fuel system- weird case!!

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I had trouble starting my 1.8TD Mondeo 1998. I found out that if I cranked the engine immediately(without giving the glow plugs a chance to warm the cylinder) for a few seconds untill it nearly caught, then switched ignition off and then ignition back on and let the glow plugs warm the cylinder, it then started first time. I reckoned that the problem was air in the fuel pipes and the engine cranking was clearing the air and priming the pump. So I changed all the engine bay fuel hose to clear stuff but couldn't see any air in the system. I even bypassed the heater and filter and used a small clear filter - still no sign of air, but still I had to give a few seconds cranking before using glow plugs and starting. By the way it start first time when warm.

So what can it be? All I can think is that it's either the fuel pipe coming from the tank letting in air - but surely if there is no air in the pipes near the pump it should still start quickly?
Or it may be that somewhere inside the pump there is an air leak which letting air in to some area of the pump!
Can the injector pipes be letting in air?

Glow plugs are all fine getting 13V and loads of amps and glowing bright red.

Any help or ideas appreciated.


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A very similar thing happened to me last year, it turned out to be the manual lift pump which had a split in the diaphram, but as a matter of coarse I also renewed the diesel leak off tubing too :L
Do you mean the primer pump?

i still have this problem i have replaced the primer pump, bypassed the heater.

next thing im going to do is replace the pipes in-between the injectors.

going to also get a new filter as i think some of the seals are twisted. (it doesnt need changing but at about £3 a pop with new rubbers i dont think it will break the bank).
Yep I sure did mate, if you renew the bleed-off tubes as you mentioned, it could very well be problem your having, I hope so mate, nothing worse than your motor playing up :eyesup:
ill get one of those lengths from kevin coopers. fuel pipe !! i even get 2 free jubilee clips (whoop whoop).

i do believe its just push and play! no clips required..
No need for any clips, just make sure they are a tight fit and dont forget to renew the cap as well mate :L
bugger where do i get a cap from?
wow kevin coopers !!! they still going eh !!
yes!! they are doing ok for themselves!!

Other motor factors are out there.

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Used to use em all the time, but as I no longer live in Devon its a bit difficult, can remember when they first started same as Auto trader in Totnes lol, good to see they are doing well !!
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