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airbag flashing light

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just aquired a 07 mondeo,, the airbag light flashes once then 9 times in sequence, how can this be fixed
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i was told by ford this week that if my airbag ever starting flashing,it would mean that it would need a injector or injectors???i would go and have it plugged in to get it checked
1.25 DTC B2293 Error value 31: Driver air bag first stage short to ground. Lamp flash code: 19
1.26 DTC B2293 Error value 30: Driver air bag first stage short to battery. Lamp flash code: 19
1.27 DTC B2293 Error value 29: Driver air bag first stage open circuit. Lamp flash code: 19
1.28 DTC B2293 Error value 28: Driver air bag first stage circuit low resistance. Lamp flash code: 19
1.33 DTC B2293 Error value 23: Driver air bag second stage short to ground. Lamp flash code: 19
1.34 DTC B2293 Error value 22: Driver air bag second stage short to battery. Lamp flash code: 19
1.35 DTC B2293 Error value 21: Driver air bag second stage open circuit. Lamp flash code: 19
1.36 DTC B2293 Error value 20: Driver air bag second stage circuit low resistance. Lamp flash code: 19

Its all in the fordwiki
not sure if thats the problem
thanks for that ,,, but how to i rectify the problem any ideas:))
Flash code 19 is a fault with the driver airbag which could be the airbag unit itself or, more usually, the clockspring unit. Do you have cruise control? If this is also playing up then you could pretty much say for sure that its the clockspring thats the problem.

Probably unconnected but after having my car MOT'd a couple of years ago I had a similar problem......took it straight back to the garage and they spent 30 mins trying to work out the problem of the airbag light with no joy....put it on computer and still no fault.....we were just going to give up and I undid the front passenger seat belt (had been checked and left connected during MOT).....problem solved (light illuminates if insufficient weight in front passenger seat when belt done up).....rarely a problem with the size of my wife...doh!
thanks for the info, will check it out this weekend :))
does your car horn still work ???

reason i ask as if not then you probably have a problem with the coil spring behind the steering wheel ( basically the wiring that is coiled up loosely that allows the steering wheel to turn & not snap wires etc :} )

these can sometimes become faulty & cause problems such as airbags not to work or the car horn, cruise to stop working etc ( all these features run through that coil unit )

noth that costly a part ( even more so if you have a scrappers nearby :D ) & fitting aint too bad either :L

( fitting is basically to remove the airbag, remove the wheel, remove the upper & lower steering colum cowling, unclip & remove the clockspring ( not forgetting to unplug it ) then refit in reverse order - but you may as well try that first without a replacement unit as sometimes it may just be the wiring has come loose at the car side like mine had after i had messed when adding cruise )
thanks appriciate the info,,
cheers if the weather stays nice this weekend i will look into this hope it does the job, thanks
I had the exact same fault a few weeks back, took it to Ford for diagnosis as the car was still under warranty, and was told it was 99% likely to be the clockspring, which they then replaced, and now all is well. Cost about £90 all together, but if you want a clockspring to experiment with, I've got one I bought off eBay, removed from a car that was being broken for spares, and allegedly working. You can have it for £10 posted, but you'll have to wait until after the Easter weekend as I'm out of the country at the moment on business (Vegas, baby!).
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