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ST200 Estate

Spiral connector Finis code 1090887 (from the Ford invoice)

For ages I had a flashing airbag light, 4 flashes then a gap etc.

Then I realised also the horn was not working.

Long story short (after following various threads in here) took it to Ford and they traced it to a common electrical component which has the steering column through it, which means steering wheel off to replace.

Replacement has fixed both the horn and the airbag light.

Here are two pics of the part and the Ford parts explosion.

I hope this helps someone.



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i've done the clockspring on mine, i paid £1 at the scrapyard. :)

If you keep items under the front seats, or move them often, this usually causes the 4-flash code, (seatbelt pretensioners). I've not seen any other code than 1 or 4 on any of the 3 mondeo's i've had/got.
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