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all running well

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hi every one so it seems all the mk1/2 td a running tiptop not much chitchat going on its a shame realy i hate watching the soaps with the wife :} come on every one some one out there must have somthing rong or thinking about doing something with the cars :stir:
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ime looking to get another mk 2 td in the near future. still using a mk3 astra 1.4. dont like it very much tbh :p
me neither mate think there engins are a bit soft had an astre gte fast but not much fun. ive been thinking about putting a full body kit on me mondy estate some very nice photos on here my hart says yes my women says no :nono:
why man get it kitted up. u know u want to :D
looks like iam shoping this weekend
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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