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Alloy rads

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someone got a deff bargin there, i can tell u from fitting it, the radiator i had before was thin, i think simon will vouch for this, but this thick alloy rad is huge, its tight to fit in the mondy, especially with your air con condenser, but it will fit,

as said someone got a good bargin there, 100 pounds off what it would cost, i got a discount from the seller when i bought it after haggling him for a long time, but not the kind of discount someone got there,

if i didnt have one i would have bidded (and won) this one :L
Cool just wanted to make sure they fitted ok before getting one, this seller quite often has them with a 99p starting bid
Blimey, that was a bargain!

I can vouch for Fred's old ST24 radiator being pretty thin, they obviously did a cost-cut there because the mk1 V6 radiator is nearly twice as thick (but not as thick as Fred's nice uprated one).

Bargain indeed! Probably a dumbass question but the standard radiator is alluminium yeah? Curious as to why the mk1 rad would be thicker than the mk2 one.
I'm pretty sure it's aluminium yep. I also wondered why my mk1 rad was bigger. My best guess is they realised it didn't need to be so big so to save money they downsized it. I notice the fans come on more easily with the thin one :(
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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