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alternator removal

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Hi all this is my first post i need to change the alternator on my w reg year 2000 i have removed 2 bolts disconected the wires and the belt is off as well but the thing wont shift is there any more bolts or am i missing something
many thanks
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There's another bolt above the alternator. The easiest way I found to get to it was fron the N/S wheel arch using many extension bars to reach across.
Hi Zena and welcome to MEG :)

There are three bolts that hold the alternator to the engine. The two main bolts (top & bottom) and there is a third on a small angular bracket on the back of the alternator (will see if I can find the pics I took for Fred22)

Here you go (some photos in this link):-

Best of luck
Damo :L
...if you pop the steering balljoint out of the knuckle you can get it out under the wheel well/inner wing..
Stop... (lump)hammer-time!!

Yeh, take either bolt off that L-bracket. Easiest done from underneath using a pit but also fine from underneath just on axle stands.

To get much turning clearance on your ratchet spanner you'll want a universal joint and 2-3 extension bars. I think it's a 10mm bolt.

LOl! Im stuck with this exact same problem, I can see the bracket with the 2 bolts on, but after 3 hrs under the car today I still can't see a way to get the right combo of extensions and joints to get to either of these little 5hits!
I take it we're talking about the 10mm bolt?

I cracked it with a long 10mm ring spanner pushed straight up underneath, I took a while but eventually I just got enough space to turn it a fraction of a milimetre.

Once I'd done that, I just randomly rigged up extensions with a UV somewhere in amongst them, and a 10mm socket on the end. It went above the exhaust y-pipe somwhere, and I seem to remember that the extension bars were pretty tight against the driveshaft. I managed to turn it with a ratchet handle until it was loose, then it was actually easier to turn the extensions with just my hand due to the lack of space to move the ratchet handle. Hope this helps :)
cheers mate, thats basically what ive done. After searching through here,the contour and NECO forums I found bugger all. Basically for removal of the alternator, all the bolts have to be accessed from underneath the car. I only used 1 U.joint aand a couple of extensions and eventually managed to get all of them -
-the 2 Alt mounting bolts
-1 of the 10mm bolts on the 'L' shaped bracket at the back of the Alt (this bracket is only fitted to some models apparently, and most people reckoned there is no point putting it back on)
-the hilariously placed bolt which goes through the Alt mounting bracket and into the timing cover.

To get to the 10mm bolt on the Lshaped bracket, you need -10mm socket->U.joint->about 12in of straight extension (in that order) and undid the bolt which goes from the bracket to engine. From looking straight up at the back of the Alt while laying underneath, feed the socket/extension combo up past the subframe right next to the flange for the rear header to y-pipe connection. With some gentle wiggling of the socket, you can get it to slip onto the nut and with the extension right against the flange on the y-pipe you can then turn the ratchet handle. This is do-able, it wont look or seem like it at first, but just keep trying and you'll get it eventually!

Finally, my timing cover is off, next comes the chains/heads etc.!
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Getting there then, the alternator removal is the hardest part :L
Just done that job today...took 3 of us in the end, me being the skinniest bugger got the job of lying on me back trying to get my girly hands between unmoveable metal objects, getting covered in pap fighting the 10mm sucker bolt. A great way to spend 3 hrs on a sat....NOT lol!!!!...if I ever have to do another one I wont, the garage can do it and I'll pay the price.
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