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...And now it's juddering

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After the pair of injectors were replaced the car ran mint... for about two days... now, when I accelerate my TDCI judders and feels like it's not boosting like it should. It still accelerates, but doesn't feel as quick, and the juddering is quite pronounced. It seems to do it worse under load in 4th/5th.

I've seen a few posts referring to something similar, and suggestions of boost leaks, but I can't find a post where someone's said they've cured it.

I'm determined that this car won't beat me - but sometimes I can't help thinking that a box of Swan Vestas is the answer!!
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Split boost pipe between intercooler and EGR valve.
The pipe's about a month old though! Plus if it was split I'd get that 'whoosing' sound.
Just read the fault codes and it came up with - P0100 Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Malfunction. So I presume my MAF is knackered?
Could also be a clogged filthy air filter restricting air flow.
Filter's pretty much brand new!
If you've paid someone to replace the injectors and it fails two days later then it's probably(?!) due to the work on the injectors .... probably. Take it back.
sound like air flow meter on its way out
try and lend on of a mates car before buying one

thanks david
injectors should be replaced as a set, the others will only shortly follow, which is prob whats happend.
Good idea, I'll borrow a mate's and see how I get on.

All the injectors were new in September, and due to issues with it I had two more replaced. I'm still convinced the other two are suspect, but I'm not prepared to gamble on buying two more if it's not them.

The juddering and 'holding back' does feel very MAF failure like.
Cleared the fault codes and ran it without the MAF just up and down the road - no juddering and it felt utterly flat like it had no boost. Plugged it back into the reader and it gave the same fault code. Will be borrowing a mate's over the weekend just to double check, then if it is that I've got to decide whether to fork out £130 for a new one or £30 for a second hand one. Hmmm.
if you have a local GSF motor factors they are about £60 mate, theres one in cheltenham, 01242225620
Sweet! Will give them a try!
ok, if you pay for it over phone i could collect and meet you at like J14 M5 if thats a help.. bullshit um and say your from a garage in bristol (make the name up) and just say you pay cash for trade.. ;-) get better discount
Very kind offer mate! Do they not do mail order?
hmm not sure as there just a small ish motor factors.. up to you just give us a message if you need me to, or i can get my brother to ring for the price as he uses them loads so might get a good deal?
Well it's not the MAF. Tried another and it's exactly the same. What else could cause a P0100 code? An air leak?

Really loosing heart in this car, will definitely be the last TDCi Mondeo I buy!!!

It's probably best described as a bad vibration under load. Googling it seems to bring up faulty driveshafts, DMF, MAF, MAP etc etc etc. Aaaaaarrrgghhh!!!
what about the sensor on the boost pipe. its on the steel pipe that bolts to the subframe under the egr. also have you considered sticky vains in the turbo. you havnt drove through and deep puddles recently have you
What's the sensor called, and is that related to the fault code? Could try some of that hardcore turbo cleaner I suppose. Not really sure what a sticky vane'd turbo would feel like...

Just as I get my injectors (mostly) sorted this happens!
think its called the t-map sensor. i coculd be wrong though. is your egr blanked, if not get it blanked. let me no if you want to try a blanking plate. ill send you one and if it works send me £4. could turn out to be the egr and the fault code is sumit else. youd be amazed how much trouble the egr valve can cause
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