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Annoying rattle from rear

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Hi folks, I've had my 2015 Mk5 estate for 10 months and in the last week it's developed a rattle from the OS rear.

It's fairly constant I've had a look for loose things in the boot cabin space, checked the boot lock, removed and re-afixed the number plate and checked for anything obvious on the exterior / rear wheel / undercarriage and drawn a blank.

before I book it into a garage has anyone had similar or know what this could be, or have any advice of other things to check.

thanks in advance

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I’ve got this same annoying rattling noise on off side rear (left side from front) on mk5 estate. Checked all suspension and it is not loose. Removed interior and exterior trims round wheel arch and can’t find anything so far. Been into garage twice and they can’t find any issue. Any other ideas as it is driving me mad.
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