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Anti roll bar

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Hi guys i have a mondeo reg date 7/3/2001 not sure what mk if ayone could advise that would be help. I have a squeking noise at the rear i think it could be the anti roll bar drop links and the mountings could anyone help me on replace these and where to get them. Not sure which haynes manual i need.
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links and roll bar..... rather than a squeaking it was a rattle when going over grids, cobble stone and unever surfaces where the wheels could drop. The links are cheap, £35 a peace new. the roll bar i think was £65-70. You will need new bushes too if your having the bar replaced.

my garage took mine over the pit and he pulled really hard on the bar to find play and look for corrosion. If you have £140 for parts and then 2 hours labour at £35-40/hour then get the lot done so its right but thats just me.
genuine ford drop links cost £24+vat

easy to do even with little or no mechanical experience

the chances of it being the actual rollbar are very slim, bushes possibly, u can get bushes off ebay for a tenner but they probably wont last too long
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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