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anti-roll bar

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hi i have a 2.0l mk2 zetec mondeo. the anti-roll bar linkage boots has gon has anyone ever replaced one??? if so are the easy to do???
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hi buddy, these arent too bad to replace, u have a nut at each end, at the rear of the bar head u will have a 17mm shape that u need to stick a spanner on there to stop it from spinning, then undo the nut and do the same on the bottom of the link connected to the roll bar itself as the link connects to the side of the strut as well,

its not too bad of a job to do, just make sure u lock the rear of the bar head to stop it from spinning when you try to undo the nut,

good luck with it, hope this helps :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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