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any ideas?

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I cant find any other posts with this problem, hope someone can help! Ive hit quite a lot of potholes recently while out driving (one alloy is ruined) and now the steering wheel has gone off centre, I have to keep it on about a 30* angle to keep it in a straight line. Is this just the tracking, a mate suggested that it could be a bent front arm? Anyone else had this problem? Its going into a garage as soon as I get paid but was wondering if anyone knew what the problem was so I know what to expect?
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More than likely just the tracking.
Start with getting your tracking checked. My local tyre/exhaust place checks your tracking for free... I can't imagine they are on their own in not charging for it.
As soon as I get a bit cash its going in to the garage, hopefully it is just the tracking, thanks for the comments
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