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anyone tried these? do they work?

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im looking at buying an item on ebay =

has anybody any experience with these cheap scanners or think theyll work? all i wanna do is code the injectors and this seems a cheap way of doing that and having a scanner... seems to good to be true..?? thanks for all the help with my other posts before (i will be paying my subscription fee!! well worth it for the politeness and advice!)
thanks in advance, Lee
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I've got one of these and it works perfectly. Mine came with an earlier version of the Formidable software but I was able to locate V2.03 and this will read and code TDCi injectors. The scanner also does the usual functions of showing & clearing DTC's and live data.
so this scanner has the v2.03 and will work fine?? as i phoned a garage and asked if they could recode my injectors and they said "not if yours has a seperate ecu under the wing" ? ? not heard of that before...
The coding process is a little tricky, you can only code one at a time and they are listed in firing order not the order they are in the car. I've not used mine to code injectors but have read posts of others who've had sucess.
ok nice one, gotta be worth a try eh.. seems a bargain too.. yeah ive heard about the firing order process, bloody tricky trying to identify the codes off the back of the injector when there in situ too eh..?? my sticker off the rocker box is missing, typical!
i was gona get one myself but been told it wont work on my 03 plate diesel typical
Use a little mirror round the back of them, its easy to see the codes then
good idea sir
i have used mine to code injectors on mine and i had no problems, its a face lift 04 tdci i think on the pre facelifts they can be code them but cant read the codes
any use me getting one?

2006 55 plate tdci 130ps, euro4 engine


my greasy hand gang had the laptops to read codes on a 55 plate 125ps tourneo tdci, and would check mine for free
I'm happily using mine on a '06 model.
Q. how do you know (using the tool) that an injector isnt coded/coded wrong, etc?
hmm, seems to work on newer models but maybe not on my 02? what to do what to do?! all i need is the injectors coding!!!! just cant find anywhere local!
as your supposed to be able to read the existing codes etc before you code them...
can i confirm this unit wont work with my 03 tdci
ill forget it with the 2002 then... bloody ell eh nothins simple
no im asking if it works i dont know dont want to buy it and find it doesnt work
oh, haha sorry, well im assuming so, ive asked the ebay seller and he says yes but you cant be sure hes not just after a sale...
tell him to state that in the listing and you will buy, giving you ebay/paypal protection...

jobs a pidgeon!
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