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thinking of getting a new front bumper.

as any other members has this bumper on there car, if so could you please post photos thanks or if anyone knows any one using this bumper thank you...

Or do you think i should just keep mine??


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I havent seen anyone on here with that bumper, its alot better than the streetfighter though :L
i like it, but hate the mesh. it would be nice with an intercooler on show :smoking:
Think it's just a cheap mesh. If you got a decent mesh it may work. Get it powdercoated black and would go well with the orange paintwork on yours VooDoo.
If you get a bumper sprayed, can get your grill painted at the same time then :L
nice bumper
percybigun said:
its alot better than the streetfighter though :L
+1 I have to agree. I love the paintwork on your motor Voodoo, but never have been a fan of the streetfighter kit......sorry. Go for the new bumper and like Marney suggested, powdercoat the mesh black. That'd look awesome!

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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