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Are garage pulling my Piston? (Clutch)

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hiya guys.

I apologise if this has been asked countless times. i dont know what im searching on to be honest.

Had a problem that took out my ability to select any gear. having seen the gearbox. part of the slave cylinder was embedded in the spring diaphram.

The garage are basically trying to say that because my car has a 2.2 TDCI gearbox then its going to be expensive. As its esentially an "ST" engine. (Yes...i know this. the beaut that it is!)

Granted its a 155ps 2.2L but from what i can see there is only the one model of mmt6 6 speed gearbox.

Was there different clutch kits for this box or should a 2.0L clutch kit be any different to a 2.2L Or is it just this place trying to cash in on saying its a special.

hope someone can assist. i dont want to be paying out for sommit that is just the same as the other.

cheers folks

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what there saying it true your gearbox/engine are the same as the ST ...
the 6 speed box there is two types as well one fitted to yours/ST and the 2.0l ... but its only the internals that has been beefed up .. other than that the case is the same
the 2.2 does have a stronger clutch the 2.0l would fit but i wouldnt recomend as your pushing more torqs throu it

the clutch fitted is nothing special just stronger clutch spring plate

how much more are they charging that you've been quoted at ford for teh job?

just tell them that you went to them because they were cheaper/easier/quicker than ford were but they should have quoted you first before they started to ramp the prices up

you may have to take it in the bum this time round though :(
thanks guys for the heads up.

going to go and see them later on today to see what the score is..

will let you know whats what..


The bill come to over £900 all in.

New ford DMF
New Ford Clutch Kit
New Ford Release bearing.

Because this essentially made the car better than what it was and was a week left on its 3 month warranty. The Dealer took the brunt of the bill.
I paid £300 towards it.

So im happy. could have been a lot worse and expensive. Just need new tyres now as im wheel spinning a lot more!

Thanks for your tips tho guys.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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